Wood Chips

Please fill out the contact form to be placed on our wood chip request list. 

Need To Know

When receiving a wood chip delivery from Canopy LLC, this is what you can expect.


Loads may contain 2-5% debris other than chips, including small sticks, leaves, sawdust, etc.

Dump sites must be accessible by large truck, with enough overhead clearance for the bed of the truck to lift and dump.

Due to the nature of our work, we cannot commit to a specific delivery date and time. filling out this request will place you on our list. deliveries can be expected within 2 weeks of ordering, and you can expect a call either day of or the day prior to the drop-off of chips.

How much will you get? When delivering chips we will deliver a full truckload, which is approximately 10 cubic yards. Partial load orders are not available.

How much does this cost?   $200 per load; an average load is 10  cubic yards.